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Swan Lake - Pas de Quatre (Dance of the Small Swans) rehearsal

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Get an insider look at the famous dance of the 4 small swans from Swan Lake.
In rehearsal with Pacific Northwest Ballet corps de ballet dancers Carli Samuelson, Amanda Clark, Liora Neuville and Leta Biasucci (left-right). The rehearsal is led by ballet master Anne Dabrowski.
Pacific Northwest Ballet is one of the largest and most highly regarded ballet companies in the United States, and was founded in 1972. The Company of nearly fifty dancers presents more than 100 performances each year of full-length and mixed repertory ballets in Seattle and on tour.
Q: Why do they wear tights over their leotards?
A: Often dancers find it more comfortable for partnering.
Q: Who are the girls doing similar steps in the background?
A: There are multiple casts for most roles: a) so the dancers don't get too fatigued on a busy performance weekend b) so more dancers get an opportunity to perform c) if anyone is injured, there is someone who can step in for them. Right after the end of this video, the other cast rehearsed the exact same excerpt.
To see this video combined with performance footage: http://bit.ly/1kAaTXW


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SkeletoN QueeN06 • 10 часов назад
isn't this a dance from the ending barbie:swanlake movie ? I remembered there are four kids dancing almost exactly like this in barbie's wedding. LOL.
but on a serious note, as someone who stumbled upon this video and doesn't know a thing about ballet I can tell that dancing ballet is taxing. I am awed by their stamina.
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Даша Иванова • 17 часов назад
Наши балерины лучше(Россия)
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Clan Arensdorf • 4 дня назад
Such perfect entechats their feet are beyond amazing not to mention their togetherness it is something that is not easily done
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MANJA 0 • 8 дней назад
My feet hurts
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Amethyst Smith • 8 дней назад
girls in the back trying to be somethin' lol
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Alisha Corpez • 10 дней назад
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Irina Starwars • 10 дней назад
Какая красота
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Ava Li • 10 дней назад
The dancer in black looks the part to be the black swan🦢
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Dino Croc • 16 дней назад
That was breathtaking.
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Polina Smirnova • 17 дней назад
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Polina Smirnova • 17 дней назад
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Blondie • 18 дней назад
Nailed it!!
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spank me santa • 21 день назад
Their feet must hurt like hell
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Bandejo La squalle • 23 дня назад
verry seeeeeeeeet
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dave nebak • 23 дня назад
i saw my first ballet a month ago swan lake. i have watched a lot of vids and the difference in quality of dance in 'dance of the cygnets is big. The best i have seen is the Bolshoi. although the sync here is really good too.
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Rome :3 • 24 дня назад
That’s looks pretty
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Silius01 • 25 дней назад
They make it look so easy! They are incredible 🙌
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MillaGuerra • 28 дней назад
Upload the performance with these gurls doing it! I’d love to see it.
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Carol Jenks • 1 месяц назад
This has to be my favourite dance to preform I love the costume
Why do they wear there ballet tights over there leotard
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Myckaelly Fernanda • 1 месяц назад
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