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Bruce Lee Fastest and Quickest

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How did bruce lee got so fast and quick?
How did he developed his body?
Most of Bruce’s power (speed and strength) was tendon power, not muscle size, and was developed through stationary (i.e. isometric) “motion”.
With a body weight of around 135 pounds, it is reasonable to assume that his speed and strength did not come from large muscles In fact, his superior power (speed and strength) was very disproportionate for someone his size. The isometric power that Bruce had is what is known as sinewy power, which means strong-like tendons.
Tendons are the connective tissue that attach muscles to bone, and they play a very big part in your muscle speed and strength. Muscles grow in size when you lift weights, but tendons grow when muscles meet resistance but don’t’ move, i.e., isometric training. This is why bodybuilders, who take steroids to pump up their muscles, often rupture tendons by doing simple activities such as climbing stairs, because while the size of their muscles grew, the strength in their tendons did not, leaving them weak in proportion to the activity being performed and resulting in injury.
Tendons are often compared to acting like strong rubber bands for your arms and legs; and, therein lies a very important clue as to how to develop the blazing speed, quickness and power that Bruce Lee possessed.
source : Dr. Larry Van Such


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Nikko Phases • 1 день назад
True legends never dies....
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Gert-Jan Boot • 3 дня назад
All in one second??? whahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a complete BS !!!!!!!!!!
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Amadey • 3 дня назад
He wasn't so quick at all. Hundreds fighters and boxers can hit faster and stronger.
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Tommy Rodja Pzg • 5 дней назад
The cobra shadow on thumbnail..look like dick
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Yakoob Junior • 8 дней назад
To this very day, no martial artist can compare to Bruce Lee. No one 👍
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Jeel patel • 12 дней назад
Hello i am fan of Bruce Lee my dream is stuntman please help me learn to martial arts
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Jerry Brownell • 13 дней назад
Body Builders and Mr. Universe or whatever muscle bound competition someone is in are
all freaks of nature. Many of them are grossly over developed. Bruce had perhaps the most
impressive physique and finely tuned body anyone will ever see.
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・唐龍・Billy Lo李小龍・李振藩 • 1 месяц назад
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Salomo Oktaviando • 1 месяц назад
I really confused about ur word, u said he could kick 9 punches, could u explain to me what is that means??
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SHADOW HAYA • 1 месяц назад
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Reinhardt Danube • 1 месяц назад
Bruce Lee was a MASTER tactician. He had MULTIPLE combinations and tactics. Saw and Understood his apponents weakness and vulnerabilities. All HUMANS have weak vulnerable body points, and THAT is where Bruce used his SPEED and POWER! RIP Bruce Lee. You have my UTMOST RESPECT!!!
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Michael Baratto • 1 месяц назад
I love Bruce Lee - forever - *
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Cẩmdanh Danh • 1 месяц назад
Ai như minh ko xem mà hổng hiểu được chữ..những mỗi cái xem là vì thần tượng..😁😁
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William King • 1 месяц назад
It's called genes and athleticism. Only so much training you can do to gain speed.
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Lucas Dini • 2 месяца назад
Bruce Lee Super Legend!
👍 2
Reinhardt Danube • 2 месяца назад
HUGE HONOUR and RESPECT to BRUCE LEE. Wow! What a man. I would have given anything to be a student in his class and to have seen him live and still alive today. A Super Human being. I have ONLY the highest Respect and Admiration for who he was and what he accomplished. In THAT day and Age,...Wow! RIP my Super Hero Bruce Lee.
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johnvick68 • 2 месяца назад
We always have this person are that person say they would have beaten Bruce but it will never be proven, quite simply Bruce is and always will be the standard by which they all are judged.
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Nancy Adler • 2 месяца назад
He was a “force of nature”!
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fireboy1996 • 2 месяца назад
All of these "facts" seem like made up nonsense by some delusional fanboy. I like Bruce Lee as much as the next guy, but come on with these tired bullshit claims and myths.
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paul burke • 2 месяца назад
You are mistaken game hacker. Bruce Lee is hated by a lot of martial artist to this day. few martial artist say he is the best and the world sees him as the best and the world is right.
Captain Jesus Incarnate Son of Jesus Christ God of gods.
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