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Dwayne Johnson Wants to Marry Frances McDormand

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Dwayne Johnson admitted to Ellen that he got a major crush on Frances McDormand after she was very kind to his daughter at the Golden Globes.


Hi Dwayne. Hi. We were watching the movie lastnight-- which is, by the way, very, very good. Very entertaining-- Thank you so much. Thank you. --on so many levels. And you're hilarious..

Thank you. And Portia was like,man, he's a big guy. I said, yeah. When you're next tohim, it's unbelievable. The size of your armsis like-- and I said, they're like a table. Like, they just,there's no give. Just, just hard-- Yes. Just steel..

Just yes. Yes. You-- yes. Sexy. Yes. I-- don't know. That's-- yeah. I'm fishing. I was fishing..

Thank you so much. I'm so happy youloved the movie. It is great. I can't wait to talk about it. But first we haveto talk about-- so you were herelast with Kevin Hart. Yeah. Your pal, my pal. Well-- And he gave me a gift..

Yeah. Well, my pal. And he gave me a gift, andit was really, really sweet. It was, uh-- Yes. I mean, it was so sweetof him and so giving. And it's like-- it's a beautifulRenaissance painting, which he ruined, by the way..

However, but muchlike in Kevin fashion, because I love you more, therewas 80% more of the painting that he did not show. No. Yes, it's very true. So as a show of my lovefor you-- because, again, I love you way morethan Kevin Hart-- here's the rest of thepainting he didn't show. Oh..

Yes. Wow. I mean, now-- Wow. Yes. I mean, now it's complete. Yes. Yes. Now I really wantthat in my house. Yes. It'd look pretty good..

Hey, congratulations. You're going to have a baby. Thank you so much. In three weeks? Thank you. In about three weeks. Thank you, guys. Thank you. In about threeweeks, Lauren and I are going to haveour second baby.

And it will be mythird daughter. That's so great. Yes, it's so good. Thank you. I'm so excited. They're lucky girlsto have you as a dad. Well, I'm lucky. I just-- I can't make boys. But yeah. Not that I want to, but--.

That's what Kevin said. He said you can't make-- Girl power. Yeah. I know. He gave you a hard time. So and is-- Jasmine? Is that her name? Yeah..

That's Jasmine. Is she happy to havea little sister? She, uh-- she was happy. So we have a daughter. She's two and aboutthree or four months. And so this wholetime, as many of you out there know--yeah, that's Jazzy. You know, you want toprep that they're going to have their first sibling. And OK, you've got to getready for your little sister..

Where is your little sister? And every day shepoints to Mommy's belly. There's my little sister! Now out of the blue,about a week and a half ago, we're eating breakfast--and I mean out of the blue. We have her cartoons on,she's eating, she looks up and she goes, I don'twant a baby sister. And firm, and just directeye contact, and that was it. No. What did you do?.

What did you say? Uh, OK, sure, great. Great. Yep. We'll talk about it. Let's finish yourbreakfast and we'll talk. Oh, no. So I'm in trouble. Wow. So you may haveto give her away..

I mean, we'retalking about it now. Yeah. Yes. So you and Portia-- That's a shame. --get ready. Oh, yeah. And then your older daughterwas just the Golden Globes Ambassador, right? Yeah..

So it was the first timethat the Golden Globes had, instead of aGolden Globes Girl, they had GoldenGlobes Ambassador. And that's Simone, my daughter. I'm so proud of her. She was 16. She is 16. And at this Globes, so youknow, the thing about this is, their job-- one oftheir many jobs-- and it's very comprehensive..

They make sure that theseyoung individuals have a social awarenessand foundations that they want to support,what's important to them. So they really do agreat job of that. One of the jobs as well is tousher the winners off stage. And at that time-- and you'vewon before, so you know, you're kind of like in thisdaze, and you're happy, and you don't know where to go,whether you go left or right. So Simone's job wasconstantly, let's take you off to the right,take you off to the right..

So Frances-- and I'llnever forget this. Frances McDormand. She wins Golden Globe. She goes up there, and Ilove Frances, as we all do. And she goes up, andshe goes to speak. And right before she speaks,she turns around and walks backstage, like, tothe back of the stage, and shakes Simone'shand out of the blue. And it just blew me away. Sweet..

It was just such this amazing-- because no one did that. And she had theawareness to do this, to my 16-year-old daughter. She thanked everyone,turned around, thanked her. She gave her speech. Now as she's walking off,Frances grabs Simone's hand and she has aGlobe in this hand, she has Simone'shand in this hand. She kisses Simone's hand..

And I was like, Jesus. And I was just so blownaway by that gesture. So beautiful of her. And I've been meaning, by theway, to call her and tell her. But now that I'm here, Igot to tell you, Ellen, I got a little crush on Frances. Well, I don't blame you. And yeah. I don't blame you. Now, you're--.

Yeah. Is this-- it's right here. So I've got to say this tothe world who's watching. Frances, we're going to have toexchange numbers because just between you and I-- I know nobody else is watching--we're gonna get married. Yes. It's not going to be weird. Lauren's down with it. Just really cool..

It's just really- Wow. Well, that's-- that's-- weird. Um-- Yup.


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