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Tulsa Man's Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

Опубликовано: 2 года назад
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Prader Willi • 2 дня назад
There is no black, white or brown... we are all just one color- Human.... turn off the TV and just look around, you’ll see it too! ❤️
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Terry Bardy • 7 дней назад
God bless that gentleman!
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John Doe • 8 дней назад
That was it?  He held a baby for awhile?
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Dalis Pena • 9 дней назад
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Tiger Steele • 9 дней назад
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james lakes • 9 дней назад
Another thing that proves that this country is NOT RACIST!! We are all AMERICANS and things like this is WHAT MAKES US GREAT!!!
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Sharon Bodimeade • 10 дней назад
I don’t understand, has he given her something or is all of this just because he held her baby? What’s the big deal about that? Yes it was good of him, but I don’t understand why it’s such an amazing thing as it’s made out to be. I’m not being nasty, I just want to understand because I’ve watched it twice because the first time I thought I must have somehow missed what he’s done. But watching it the 2nd time I’m none the wiser, there’s nothing remarkable about someone holding a baby while he helps you hire a car from his firm, . Is she not going to have it for free or something?
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patsie lee • 11 дней назад
Enterprise of all places. I've had such horrific experiences with them. I wish I could have dealt with this man. A loving and caring heart for sure.
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Aynsley Paterson • 12 дней назад
So what did he do exactly?
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Invisible Souldier • 13 дней назад
If this had not been published, or ad been anonymous, the impact would have been much greater. I didn't care one bit for George Michaels, but I have great respect for the man after finding out after he passed that he had been secretly making healthy donations to some home for children for most of his career.
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Petey B • 21 день назад
That sound from 00:27 to 00:29 though lol...
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Westley Weinman • 22 дня назад
Now that's A man black or white we all need to help each other when in need
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Spider Brandt • 23 дня назад
She thanked God she should thank HIM
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Joy D. • 23 дня назад
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Amit Sharma • 27 дней назад
Lol..First world problems. We Asians do it regularly. Its not act of kindness. Its living TOGETHER in a society and not just think about Me, Mine and Myself all the time. Anyways, Good job mate👍🏼
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Nancy Holman • 28 дней назад
What a lovey man!
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bytemebiz • 29 дней назад
that's nice, but where is the father and the two families?
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Nabil Amghar • 29 дней назад
Most black men are just like John,
Real tender and soft with childeren, weather their own or the neighbours
They're just usually real nice and soft-spoken tot kids
Nothing new here
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Ronald Dayman-green • 1 месяц назад
Wow wish people in London was this kind.
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vairavan vairavan • 1 месяц назад
2019. I think the era of viralization is over and dead Social media is staring at near extinction and people are becoming more private.
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