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11 Minutes That Will Change Your Life - Six Words

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11 Minutes That Will Change Your Life - Six Words
Christian Motivation
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Speaker: Pastor Terry Anderson
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Punished who was a prolific author and writer who knew the power of words and his Hemingway made a bet with a group of authors over lunch and this meant that Ernest Hemingway made with these authors over lunch has become an anecdote about his life they bet Ernest Hemingway ten dollars that he could not write a short story in six words they bet Ernest.

Hemingway ten dollars that he could not write a short story in six words and Hemingway took the bed because he was a genius when it came to making words count he took the bet and he took a napkin and scribbled these six words on the napkin that are a powerful story here's the six words that Ernest Hemingway wrote a short story in six words the words are.

For sale baby shoes never worn that's a powerful powerful story everybody in here this morning got a six word story here's another story that somebody might have there has been a terrible accident six words there has been a terrible accident .

Six words here's my six word story unliving the marriage is over here's somebody else's story your position is no longer needed here somebody else's scope I just want to be friends .

Here's somebody else's story the cancer isn't responding to treatment six word here's somebody else's story you are not able to conceive that's somebody else's story here's the last story.

Here's arose off the casket six words then I say it was over no it's not because God has six words that's the point of this whole Sun God will not waste your pain God will not waste your beam God will not waste you'll be blessed are they that mourn for they shall be .

Gum will not waste your pen cry in the midnight but weeping will endure for a night but joy will come in the morning let them fire you on your job no weapon sewn against me will be able to prosper let your enemies think they have the upper hand trainer is a he that is enemy then he that is in the world my god.

Will not where's your pain go through whatever you got to go through cry as long as you think you need to cry but then pick yourself up take a bath put some coals on come back to church on Sunday morning and said I thought I'd never stop trying but the Lord tried not to you I thought I'd never laugh again but here.

I am in the house of God justifying that if you trust and never doubt you will sure bring you out somebody got a story that I just mentioned the moment ago you know what I've noticed about God's trials he hardly ever tells you this is a trial and if you held out for six months you'll be through and some of us get to five months and 29 days and we give up.

Didn't know we only had one more day never give up never give up never give up there's no precedent in the Bible for giving up God determines how long the test will not not we never give up you cannot bypass endurance you know whom I'm speaking to.

At the moment you cannot bypass endurance and enter into the promises of God you can come so far the completeness is only through endurance and just when it seems impossible to hold out that's the time .

Don't give in I would like to say that to several of you individually you're in the test you're doing alright just hang in there don't back out don't give up God is faithful I've been asked sometimes if I had a message to leave for posterity what would it be I always say I can give it to you in three words God is faithful God is faithful God will not waste your.

Pain go will not waste yo pay masa are they that mourn for they shall be go will not waste your pain cry in the midnight but we've been willing dawn for nine but joy will come in the morning everybody here everybody here has a six word story.

What st. God that's just one chapter God is not written the end of the book because when you look in the back of the book there are some answers in the back of the book if you don't know how things are gonna turn out in your life the answer is in the back of the room and I saw .

A new help and the newest for the first help the first third passed away garage on saw the holy city New Jersey coming down from God out of heaven like a bride dressed up for husband and God shall wipe away all tears from our eyes that will be no.

More sorrow crying no more pain or death for the former things are passed away behold we see through a glass darkly one day face-to-face I will know even as also I am known


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