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Can you hear melody in the drums? | JAZZ NIGHT IN AMERICA

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What would you say if I told you that drums can sing? The best jazz drummers have always understood this as fact. Allison Miller has even made it a core part of her artistic mission — as drummer, a composer and a bandleader, notably with her ensemble Boom Tic Boom.

Jazz Night in America recently caught up with Miller, who skillfully demonstrates the concept of “melodic drumming” using her drums and cymbals, a Duke Ellington tune, and a new piece of technology. “There’s something about the platform of jazz,” Miller says, “that it lays this palette of having such deep communication with your other bandmates. And for me that's why I play this music.” --NATE CHINEN
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aru • 6 часов назад
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Eric Doan • 1 день назад
Lets talk about xylophones.
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Jemark Calijan • 1 день назад
Just wow!!!!!
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ss • 3 дня назад
And then there's THIS!
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ss • 3 дня назад
QUESTION! Is she a man or she identifies as a man?!
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uhhh d • 6 дней назад
maybe you don't have to do everything as a drummer
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The Dudeman • 7 дней назад
Bigger drum does not mean lower sound
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Renan Melo • 7 дней назад
sure can! Nate Smith's latest album is all about that
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Gino Tuano • 7 дней назад
Is Neil Degrasse Tyson narrating this video???
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Sillybelius • 8 дней назад
If bet my entire life savings that she's a lesbian
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Nikhil • 8 дней назад
Tabla. Listen to Zakir Hussain Sahab!
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PapaG Cortellino • 8 дней назад
Danny Seraphine was very melodic as a drummer (and still is), in the earlier days of CTA/Chicago.
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Solongandgoodnightt • 8 дней назад
This reminds me how much of a terrible drummer I am.
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Sunguluez456 • 9 дней назад
“Africa where drumming came from” what a load of bullshit. Drums have been a part of most cultures from even their most primitive days. It’s not something exclusive to Africa. Europe and Asia and the americas all had their own style of drums.
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Alex • 9 дней назад
"Alison's not playing the melody exactly, instead she's playing the rhythm of the melody instead of the notes". this video taught me nothing
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dsagfdsaf bro • 9 дней назад
no theres no fucking melody here m8 xD
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Sean • 10 дней назад
Get a fucking guitar.
I'm a drummer and i enjoy my drum lines and keeping time sometimes.
If you want melody and you are a drummer you are playing the wrong instrument.
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MA 710 • 11 дней назад
OMG I met her at Stanford Jazz in 2017. I think.
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Lord pug.shaban • 11 дней назад
I’m sorry but drums were not invented in Africa
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ViperGaming • 12 дней назад
1000th comment
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