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CS:GO World Championship 2016 - Argentina Vs Turkey [Game 1] (Final)

Опубликовано: 2 года назад
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So this year I bring you more CS:GO Professional Match from the CS:GO World Championship 2016 that held on Belgrade. I will provide all match that I got. I hope you enjoy.
Map : de_train
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Thank you so much Tom and the boys at the desk I am ready to rock and roll they're in the server ready to rock and roll and I know everybody in the arena is ready to rock and roll so let's go ahead and get this one underway the pistol round will be upon us here shortly in Argentina gonna be starting off on the seat east side though great make some noise up in this bitch.

scrawny how you feeling I'm feeling fantastic I'm incredibly excited to be able to cast this grand final especially as its Argentina versus Turkey and I can only hope that we can do half the job of our colleagues of course Jackie and Harold killed it and we're gonna be looking to do the same all righty so the countdown begins map number one is upon.

Us and it is going to be train again Argentina facing off against Turkey like they said on stage it's a David versus Goliath story Turkey only dropping one map throughout the entire duration of this four-day span Argentina fighting from the back foot tooth and nail and they managed to make it all the way to the grand final to the main stage they are ready to rock and roll and I'm just.

Hoping for a hell of a series here I'm absolutely sure that it'll be at the very least that so it's gonna be Argentine on the CT side at the very least they've got that bit of an advantage it's gonna be a smoke and a defuse here for NBL the frag on schrock who's currently got it already primed and the frag grenades not to be dealing damage because the Teesside not pushing.

Down turkey with five players up here in the brown halls a lot of bucks all control and they're kind of showing their hand towards this inside bomb site and rightfully so but look at this positioning from Straka they're just pushing straight down sidewalks so they're getting a lot of a lot of what for progress for free but it's gonna be the bomb drop Straka finds the first.

Bloods of the same terracing helix answer back tom he's gonna be able to find the head shot where horns blow for blow here koe weeks can't get it done and Tooting him is gonna be able to find another one as well as Tommy it's all down to desk one versus three and he can't get back to the boxing fine cover and he will go down it's a bouquet from Tommy and add.

Abuse for Argentina they pick up the CT side pistol I may want to start obviously Tommy with a 3k already he's been one of these players who's just been hating so hard today amongst others on Argentina so for them to pick up the pistol all this is a fantastic start we are playing on DG train where the T side is definitely more difficult so for there to already be the denier of the.

Pistol round and then those two potential conversion points this is a fantastic start for Argentina now here's what's scary is when that series between France and Turkey went down Turkey was able to anti-eco them like three or four times in that series because massive beginning that second round by down but because they get the bomb plan into this round I don't think we'll see too much.

Of an investment out of Turkey and there you go rightfully so they're gonna upgrade some pistols but they're gonna play it safe no utility no body armor and they're gonna be running pretty much into a grinder here but look at this big investment from Argentina they've got four rifles on the board they've got an mp7 as well and NBL is gonna be locking it down but johnny-boy gonna chime in on.

A on a frag with major and that is gonna swing the momentum into Argentina's hands early in the round I mean nvl he's on that mp7 right but he's got to be cautious as he's already at the bottom a ladder which if Turkey decide to fall player down could very well clear him out and if that does give Turkey to equalize four versus four and a weapon things could get a little.

Pedantic but it's going to be ease and terah's for the talk you know rattles off a couple rounds not making much of a contact still everybody in the sight of Argentina they are perfect yeah very healthy as far as their HP count is concerned and if they come back around towards ladder room this might be NBL chance to shine it's gonna be able to find that opener and look at this flank.

Coming around from IV it's Johnny boy for the back stab they pinched them in that Molotov is going to flush them out when in towards Olof and that's going to be tootin him to find one in the elf in the ladder room finds another and tooten and finishes it off that's going to be a five stand for Argentina I'm gonna start building up that money $1,200 made in.

That round from MBL now what's scary here right is that since Argentina don't lose any of these players that cashflow is still looking fantastic and the moment we can get an awp into the hands of Johnny boy the entire side of Argentina just becomes so much more lethal of course that's going to be happening in the near future but once they need to lose these weapons that's.

When they're gonna rebuy with zero deaths Argentina's still looking fantastic Turkey going to be investing heavily as they did find that round one bomb plant they've got their aks a bit of utility to work with - smokes within the collection but Argentina technically here not favoured with the weapons not favoured with the weapons but definitely heavy favoured with an ability which.

Could be Sam's hair is coming out from pop dog manages to find two frags - damn Tommy down but john-boy's going to be there for the reef rag it's looking for another one and he's gonna get it so were equalized back into a three versus three and look at this coming out from ladder room stock is gonna find one as Johnny Joey Falls as it is gonna be able to answer the call finds two the mp7.

Gonna be able to chip them down and pass on only 40 HP they're gonna play ring around the rosey in the train yard and both of them very very low but the long-range does not admit it's not an advantage for NBL in this situation and pass he just needs to play patiently that made just a little bit off the mark and now NBL this is a good position for him to be in what's scary the situation.

As well as that pass now has a bit of a reading he has confirmation now that NBL is still on that train site so and BL has to be cautious all it's gonna take is a single stray bullet to knock down the last remaining Argentinian meanwhile Paz does have a bit more of a buffer so NBL he needs to connect more than just one shot turkey try to come in with the early.

Bible Argentina's got the response and they're shut down and not only that because they didn't upgrade any of those FAMAS Azure that mp7 going into that round they're gonna have buku bucks moving forward so we should see the AWP from Johnny in the near future I actually expect to see them go for another money farm by a couple of SMGs on the board and there you go there's.

Gonna be two of them mp7 and mp9 in their hands we're gonna try to accrue as much money and this anti eco round is humanly possible so that they can have an even bigger by going into the next gun round but 3-0 for Argentina and they quality early by from Turkey this start they needed certainly the start they wanted as you mentioned - SMG still in this one but nobody really taking too.

Much of an initiative we've got Shaka down here towards the bottom of the ramp so he is playing that closer contact and if players start to cross he can certainly start to mow them down however he needs to fall back if there are just too many players and if he does fall back you'll have Tommy to support him with that a K from within the train yard again he's.

Gonna have this grenade primed in hand so it's a nice little bit of in the action to prepare for this push but Zen Terra's again on the deagle just looking for an angle it's really just turkey taking this one slowly because they do still have des pay out within the trains yeah and tooten has pushed up all the way down ivy right now so if he just bites his timing they circle that bomb.

Back around he's gonna have an advantageous position into des pay it's gonna be the linchpin into this round he's coming around towards old he'll see if you can do anything from this position there is a player up in heaven that's in VL is he going to spot him though exactly where he is and there's a dank arm he's gonna be down to 53 I think that was actually a TK because.

There's no way without having head armor they were not gonna die from that yeah pass actually hits him and that gives us position away and now keep him and NBL are gonna be able to slip it back around Tommy getting in on the action as well and it's gonna be down to Gaelic said of one versus many the two teams going to take advanced to the smg's doing their work into that I mean it's just an.

Antique oh but still the fact that they cleared out with five players again right this just this just continues this ability for them to rebuy with ease and again that economy on the side of the CTS it can be so difficult to clear out if Turkey once they find one round they need to keep cheating forward so Argentina they're not gonna have an awp into this.

One Johnny boy he's gonna be sticking with that m4a4 and of course on the side of Turkey we've got des play with the OP so he's gonna be looking for an angle into the a site trying to find a pic pluck a player out and then of course from there use the man advantage to execute him the big thing about this as well as if Argentina pick up this round and they're gonna be able to salvage the.

Off of decimate this positioning and Straka is going to open up calls back from the Smoky's got a teammate to bail them out that's Johnny boy on the other side pulls out an 8 I'm finally air in pass is gonna capitalize pounces on it and will be able to rectify that man advantage back into a four versus four right now Shaka has to be incredibly cautious he does.

Have support from Indy outfitted in the said connected with best base positioning down towards the bottom of round halls he has to be pushed back that's an excellent usage of the incendiary grenade because of course he knew that there could have been a player already holding that angle and this allows now for nvl to support from from from Zed and move in towards the site as.

Well the boost play up in the Box hauls is gonna put DES pay up on top of Santeria sees peering down to the back red train see if you can find anything but nobody's so brazen to go up on top of it so they are going to be looking to maybe rien filtrate this be bomb sight and strike oh well he's just watching for that slope and look at this positioning from toot and then guess.

What around from the back lines is aware of it though need to see that AWP just trained on there now it's gonna be coming to the executions and terrorists the first one to drop stock had traded back bypass but it's Argentina with another 3 vs 2 here is Turkey who have controlled the site despot clear the back but he's now the last man standing and with only 25 points of health it's.

Gonna be a difficult to salvage the OP though it felt next to the Train and they don't manage to pick that up but with the money bun is starting to stack up there's gonna be decent economy now for the Turkish side whether or not the investment of this round is yet to be seen highly unlikely though with most of their players bump actually I stand.

Corrected they are gonna go for the force buy into this one silver no SMGs on the board for Argentina so they're playing this one properly they're not going to go on to the risky buy try to go for the money farm once again because they are starting to stack up the money and you can see it's gonna be able to fly down from Turkey so if they drop this around.

It could be a 6-0 score from Argentina and they look like a completely renewed team on this map after getting beat down on it earlier today I mean we've already talked about how prepared these teams are especially their coach on the side of Argentina camicazi this guy is a monster he's been up all night long preparing for this why he surprised they're actually particularly prepared.

Calyx however opens up that a sight to players down already to tens still within the train yard and shrunk about to rotate downwards again Argentina can certainly bounce back as 210 finds to Johnny finds one more it's back to the two versus two in Turkey incredibly tagged nobody else unbelievable play unbelievable recovery from Argentina that was a three verses five and turkey.

Coming out a little bit stale in this matchup I'm a little bit confused as to what's going on those were two back-to-back beautiful frags but took a decent amount decent chunk of damage from that one and these frags coming back around Johnny boy just biding his time over by the IV hallway and he finds the right time to pounce and we will see another force buy.

From Turkey six rounds to the good for Argentina and man what a renewed look in this IV push there's three players on top of the dumpster outside of Maine they're not gonna be able to spot him just yet but if they drop off top off the top of the dumpster they should be able to get a read on it but heshes gonna be coming back around the smokes are landing outside the pressure is.

Gonna be on in NBL is really the only one to defend this they do have another player out there the couch or the dink comes out but the long sprayed white Tommy's gonna capitalize in San Terrace hits the deck the flank is coming in from teak on as well they've got to be cognizant of this - tonight is gonna be behind them and they've actually infiltrated the side hallway exactly -.

10 however he's gonna be dropped by desse pay tags the player in the engagement so des pay only sitting on 17 points of health but has his positioning still unknown you could very well be the thorn in the side of Argentina talking swap into a secondary - the Argentinian so far and I mean just to look at the scoreboard ten kills two deaths for Tommy you've got six kills two deaths.

For Johnny you've got six kills two deaths for NBL 9 and 3/4 tooten and four four and four first raka so the assists a plenty form and on the other side major zero zero and seven he's bringing up the goldeneye yeah James Bond actually going on in the server right now and that's very uncharacteristic because he was a big factor in to the overpass win for.

Him earlier today I mean speaking of uncharacteristic there's still no awp into the hands of Johnny we have this player used just the p250 if it means getting that bye and instead he's gonna remain on the rifles but I don't blame him because it's been nothing but success for Argentina so it's not broken why fix it exactly now look at this aggression coming out from the CT side a.

Couple of pop clashes go in towards that t-con and that is gonna flush out the terrorist side a Molotov and a smoke as well so expending that utility pop flash comes back around the corner but there is no pressure at Xanterra is outside of t-spawn side over in that area in flight southwards IV neither of them connecting on those shots the only one taking any damage thus far is Dan Terrace but he's.

Gonna be walking right into this one tootin and right around the corner and teres goes for the entry but - and it finds the kill now of course there's damage dealt but it's still the man advantage to Argentina and Turkey now having to reel backwards into this so they do have players over towards Ivey they can certainly get this a sight from two different directions but.

Unfortunately for Turkey there's still three defenders for Argentina within the sight one of the big things too is they didn't actually see that second player that was pushed up into t-con so they could have potentially left him there for alert play but they're out through IV majors not gonna check the angle boolean Teutons gonna double up on the round he.

Finds a second drops the date out towards the Ivy Lane there's nobody well there is actually one more person out there the Johnny boy manages to find one decimate coming around the corner but nvl pushing the smoke gonna catch him out no dust babe with the spin around and allured it's all gonna be down to just decimate now he's gotta ace it to win it his shock that does mean him to.

Find K leagues 20 seconds left on the clock and a whole lot of work left into this round but des pay with a couple of really nice shots and meanwhile while he's finding these frags it's not going to go all the way around the back now Tommy takes a hit from the wall he's still alive here but has to be cautious position known des pay already with three he needs the one versus two.

Eighths luxury in this moment Shaka however spots a nicely played and it's Argentina with another yet to give up a single round really nicely played there from the CTS it came down to those really nice shots from des pay almost got the momentum back in his factor gets the tag up into heaven but unfortunately for them I mean look at these shots from des pay this is soo beautiful earthquake.

Too little too late the spin-around shot a quick shot up here into heaven as well didn't necessarily get to catch but 8-0 for Argentina and we talked about how strong their CT sides are where was this earlier yeah and a tactical pause coming out from Turkey that was one of the things that sponged the former end game leader for renegades used to say that if they lost the string around six rounds.

Or more that they would always take a tactical pause just to shake off the nerves to shake off the frustration and start fresh so that's probably what we're seeing here but again I mean look at that scoreboard just the amount of frags that are coming out here for the Turkish side you've got 16 kills and 8 rounds and you still have a player with a goose egg yeah which is scary right.

But I mean what's also scary is johnny is now upgraded himself into this awp for free for free exactly so again we see this the zero investment right for him to be on that op now anything jerk you're gonna be preparing if they discussing what it has been what has not been working for them in the previous eight rounds well if any part.

Of that doesn't consider Johnny with the AWP this is already gonna be a change in their defense so yeah definitely throw a spanner into the words they need to be cautious of him obviously all the time but he's not even at all cragger kerbs to tenth and Tommy are leading the charge excellent stuff here from Argentina yeah I mean you can't downplay this at all eight rounds in you've got.

All five players right close to one kill per round right now from the Argentinean side not to take anything away from Turkey they've been cracking where these bomb sites they just haven't been able to execute in the late game and that's the biggest thing that's holding them back right now so we'll see if they change up the patient see if they change up where they hit they've already got a.

Player down into pop dog they've got a couple of players up in the brown Hall a nice movement from NBL he's gonna get himself self boosted up on top of that zed hallway ticket booth is Argentinian players have such great mechanics obviously we see Johnny boy on cash always self boosting himself under shroud and he closes the doors simultaneously wow that jumps just.

Absolute style points and again here gonna be replicated by the player boosting up and bl so Tommy still over here towards Ivan keeping an eye out of course Turkey does have a man in this direction but the majority of their Armada sitting over here towards the latter room yeah but I'm still outside of t-spawn and Johnny's gonna be solo on the inside train yard and that's the.

Biggest change about this is Johnny's complaint over towards Ivy but there's the opening pic there's the second one as well and BL and Straka gonna be able to find the opening couple of pics and that's the two heavy hitters from the Turkish lineup as is gonna be able to get a roof right now so it is gonna go into a four versus three but still a lot of work left into the round it's gonna.

Go to spot under player out but tooten coming back around from old hell is gonna be able to find that reef rag and that puts it into a very advantageous well john-boy's gonna make it even better for the argentinian side calyx your Last Man Standing coming down through I be making a boatload of noise the flashbang comes out it's gonna be off the mark he's gonna find one around.

The corner and killers have stuck this point yet but still count Lexie able to find the pillar not the tradeable position so Argentina they lost two players here in game now they have to take this moment seriously two 10 already tagged thirty points of health john-boy's still sitting on a hundred the odds are Argentina should be able to trade this frag but the clutch.

Possibility is still here calyx just waiting he's got 20 seconds left on the clock the bomb is nowhere to be found so Argentina they simply have to stay alive and calyx is gonna be looking to take their lives he spots two ten on the cross ten seconds left he's gonna be chasing it for a while he chases him Johnny boy catches the back he's got his teammates back as he leads the charge.

Another off shot another frag and it's Argentina with another round and as much as we hype up the individual play of Argentina one of the things that kind of has been an unsung hero for them as their team play yes coming into this I mean you've got I mean the most the player that carries the most notoriety behind them is obviously Johnny boy the crowd has been.

Hyped about him the entire time he's all think he's in game leading he's leading and having all of that structure for his team but these guys are firing on all cylinders nine to zero over Turkey this is a very uncharacteristic an unexpected score line going into this matchup and this is massive for Argentina if they can keep this up that's the question how long can they.

Maintain this because I mean Johnny's got to be a robot because I've never seen somebody go from crying - cheering - fragging - you know screaming his lungs out - crying again - back to fragging it's just ridiculous he's got to be a machine and sent down here to just punish Turkish players jack of all trades most certainly Johnny boy gonna be expending a bit of frag grenades.

That's gonna be dealing zero damage Oh towards IV you can see Turkey just spreading themselves thinly all across the map they have presents in all the potential places that Argentina could be pushing so Argentina they're just sitting you can see them rotating their players around reacting accordingly to sentence still within the train yard but only one player towards.

That B site which is perfectly fine at the moment because the bomb is just kind of indicative of the a site strike Turkey still a minute to play with but again because they'd only have these AAA 47s they can't find that one long-range pick into the site instead they're gonna start to push that gets wind of the push despot finds the frag however it's Turkey sitting in the five versus four.

And now Xanterra is gonna be adding one more to the collection three players standing for Argentina all of them trying to reel back in travel taneous li3 sudden frags it's all of a sudden an advantage out of nowhere here but major able to bring it back by at least so 130 seconds on the clock as strong gun knocks down another yeah and the bomb still hasn't been.

Recovered outside of T Condon look at India's positioning luckily for major he circles back around in towards the t-connector and it's gonna push in towards this outside train you're the biggest part about this is they've got a player at back bomb back old bomb hardened me and that it's going to give up the positioning now the flank can come out ten seconds left on the clock.

The fake bomb when it does come out he's gonna double up as well ten zero Argentina and look at this they're not even screaming their heads off yet they're not even going nuts they are focused we're here for the super focus they're here to win but looks of things so Argentina ten zero two-thirds of the way through this half and already again the big old goose egg for Turkey so not.

A single round given Johnny again on this AWP and there's no response as far as sniper rifles are concerned for Turkey they've even got a gal here on calyx so you can see obviously a stark limitation in their utility as well if of course major have been able to get that bomb plant as opposed to faking it then that would have at least quickly their purchase but Johnny boy once more.

Taking the fight and it's a five versus four again here yeah I mean I want to look at the scoreboard after this round is over just to see how the frag distribution is for the Argentinean side because I'm pretty sure everybody is it like nine plus kills now I don't think that there's been around yet that a single player from Turkey has survived they've all been flagged out every.

Single time and I want to look at how many bomb plants they've actually gotten because I think it's only like two in ten rounds which is the craziest thing I mean the money bonus is stacked up so they're gonna be able to continue to apply pressure to Argentina but for now I mean look at the dynamic offing of Johnny he finds a second when he gets to pick on inside from inner upper rotates.

All the way back around to the answer outside train yard and gets a pick on pop dog that's ridiculous the mobility of this man son rant potentially a third another way now under yelled triming in with one you can see calyx trying to simultaneously peek out with DES pay but again it's just gonna be major down with a flush a one versus five is highly unlikely and.

NBL sweeps out any chance he had look at the frags on the argentinian side and we're 11 rounds in and four out of the five players are on an average of one kill per round Straka is the only one under that in 11 deaths for every single player on Turkey I mean this was my concern coming into this one right we drew plants as well exactly as soit set on the decima the turkey there they're.

Bleeding France took a map off of them and even that third map was so damn close to swipe they're only really being a large amount of frags from Kushina now they're playing against an entire team firing on all cylinders so this is a whole new piece to deal with and clearly they can't for the time being there's still four more rounds for Turkey to grab but this could be it.

As major knocks down one in major knocks down two he's created a space here for the a site plan yeah there's definitely a chance into this round it's gonna come down to the two versus five retake situation now for Argentina best looking round from Turkey so far in this half and it's coming on the back of that major push with that tech 9 and again test base gonna be able to chime in this.

Should be the first round on the board for Turkey to Tanana is gonna fall back from this one but the big thing is is the reinvestment from Argentina is gonna be absolutely fine they've got the money Ford they've been stacking the chips up for a couple of rounds now in past should be a little fight in the hill so nobody's surviving from the Argentinian side five free buys necessary and yeah.

They've got plenty of money to move forward into this next round now what anybody should have the off as well exactly and what's great here for Turkey as well as they keep four players alive so despite only win in one round this far into the half it all comes down to how can they bounce back forward of course this is trained and it's not too uncommon to see these CT sides be very.

Lopsided so again we can see here four ak-47 to the Galil plenty of grenades Turkey they have everything they could ask for an Argentine they're in the same boat absolutely triple push no double push down through IV Johnny's gonna pop out the flash and they're gonna push behind this one and they don't actually catch it out sand Terrace is gonna find the opener it's a.

Fast push towards inside the stock it's gonna get caught they're not actually accelerating behind this towards the inside trainer they're gonna revamp and go back down through pop dog and look at this from Indy yellow even women throws the spanner in the works Tom he's gonna be able to rectify that frag major goes down it's a four-on-four situation on Johnny boy on.

The bomb site gonna be looking for him to come out from hot dog there's 28 HP left on pads it's gonna be looking for anything that he can find and look at Johnny gets an even more aggressive but Johnny blue goes down Tommy goes down as well it's gonna be another nice round here from the Turkish side but like I said MBL he's the one he could make the difference into this round he's gonna be.

Able to sling out about the bomb carrier at least he's gonna be able to put tooten in in a situation where he can readjust exactly still minutes to play with his well right so he has the opportunity to potentially find an isolated one versus one and for every player he kills he just increases the chances of success deafspace is gonna be having his op train down towards that ID.

Hall 210 slowly but surely has worked his way now next to the bomb site plan he has a kit so if need be you can definitely stick the bomb but having no utility means he's just gonna have to rely on positioning and angling x' and terah's looking to be covering the player who's still next on top of the bomb they're using these in city areas as well now Turkey just buying time off.

Available now if you coming out wide he's spotted buys anteras and it's a consecutive round for Turkey so they are still in this game yeah and I think that actually is gonna force an eco round out from the argentinian side they didn't have a lot of money left after that buy down especially going with that expensive pop in hand for Johnny so this is a key pivotal moment in the map for.

The Turkish side they're looking to get a four round half out of this one and they've got an opportunity at it right now you can see they are gonna go on to the save here but we've also seen Argentina steal away some rounds with those cz-75 and the pistols in hand you're absolutely right so I mean this time they don't have armor it's gonna be a little bit less likely but still the.

Lethality of those pistols within a certain distance of course this is why they're congregating themselves in towards the upper Brown Hall and if the timing works they could very well catch me between the three players boost NBL Zabel a trade brag that back off the C's netted now this leads a player isolated has he's gonna find both so he quells the worry of Turkey as they knocked down.

Those two flankers Saudi boy now clogs anteras taking shots to the chest however is he's dropped down to 30 points of health again all he has is this PT 15 and he too will fall so Turkey find a third and they're showing up when it matters yeah I mean if it was a 15 no half that would have been really really scary for him these were some nice shots from Paz.

Just able to finally finish off those couple of players that were out and around that outside train yard but our inside train yard pardon me that pushed up aggressively towards the box halls but 11 is three could be an 11 for half could be a 12 3 half we'll have to see how it pans out here in a moment but Argentina they're still in this one obviously they've got the heavy lead in.

Turkey finding three rounds in a row now breathing a little bit of wind into the sails we'll see if they can capitalize des pay on the AWP Johnny boy on the AWP and this is one of the best off on/off goals that we wanted to see throughout this entire series and so far it's des paid missing a relatively easy shot there on the to move towards Brown also he's all.

Alone on towards this B site the rest of the team for Argentina's stacked around a and again with des pay opping into here and there not being an awful looking to find an angle back into it they have to be extremely cautious because if they lose that player it's gonna be of course the eliciting move for turkeys execution slow play out of Turkey they don't want to give up this.

Round they don't want to find anything in DES pate will find to tynin finally over there by the back side of the three Lane I'm just gonna open up that outside train yard just a little bit you can see how passively Johnny boy is playing on inside with that AWP he doesn't want to give up too much but he also wants to be fast in the rotate if the time comes for him to go towards that outside train.

Yard so see the bobsled Nicastro up the names are gonna get thrown out here towards the outside yard and we'll see if they decide to go ahead and hit that area or if there goes the inside and NBL trying to go for an information play but it gets punished so it's gonna be a very difficult situation for Argentina as it is a three versus five Alex speaking out to Warner Kong in the.

Early finds the timing and he will grab the frag deposit of the trade back and now Johnny boy chiming in with one of his own it's only a one-man advantage here for Turkey all three players try to push up into the a psych major dropping the first pass drops the second so Argentina with an 11-0 score line straight up the gates turkey bring it back by four that's a.

Saving grace it's actually a little bit scary too because turkey is gonna take a bit of momentum going into the second half pistol it's gonna be whether or not Argentina can win this pistol to just completely take that wind out of their sails moving forward and a pistol round victory here for Argentina couldn't them up to 14 rounds before all is said and done if they can get through the.

Anti-eco so this is a great position for Argentina to be in Turkey with them getting those 4 rounds does make it not fatal for them if they lose this pistol round but it's gonna be a mountain to climb for them moving forward so into the second half we go pistols in hand it's gonna be tuning in with the utility for the T side as it does look like they are favoring that bomb over towards pop.

Dog ladder room and in towards the inside bomb site major taking up strikers position in that inside hallway it's gonna lie about that grenade if they do spot anybody coming around that corner two tents gonna be playing the point of course the ball nearby as well so that's gonna be spotted here by major he disengages doesn't use this utility so he will be able to use that later in.

The round if need be the smoke grenade to be going down towards the B site this elicits our rotation from Turkey you can see one player already through the Zed connector in a second nearby major reposition himself to the back of the site shoot ain't gonna be going for the verticality here now he spots at least one and there should be a second close you can very well be aware of this but.

Look at this engage the bomb now it's not even really over here towards the B site yeah decimate actually drawing the first blood Felix's video blog from blow with two players down on IVs difficult to find one can't get the second one out of this one he does get gusztáv on the corner the Box down to 56 with DES pay comes in and saves today keeps him on his feet keeps him standing now the bomb.

Is gonna have to rotate back in the forward positioning here from CNN is beneficial but he is so very low and we know how strong sand terraces with the pistols fortunately not able to connect and they haven't gone for the plant yet they need to get that bomb down as finds the one that's 210 up in the Ford positioning now Johnny is not gonna be able to find this point because they'll.

Just overwhelm him and steady me to at least grab a couple of cracks about 30 seconds to play with here but des pate from the back lines with the USP is able to find the frag and s pay really in that pistol round saves his team yeah and that IV pushes coming through to players in of course the first man playing IV gets the first kill but as he falls back to reload there's still this.

Pressure being applied and the moment he rounds the corner deste clears it out so Turkey with a 5th round and a start same as Argentina yeah due to the no bomb plan again with this at the second round force the Desert Eagle for tooten in tech nines for the rest Armour for everybody and a mag-7 for majors so he's probably gonna play a close position on all I thought.

For ladder room but that is a good thing going out Johnny boy he's gonna be pretty much out of the picture it's an Terrace and canal likes to get the spray down more frags you blink and you miss it and it's not a Johnny boy who got dinked at the beginning of the round 14 HP trying to wheel and deal over here towards Ivy but it's gonna be a tall task certainly especially with 14.

Health just not even to mention his arsenal here so I mean best-case scenario is he finds himself one frag that turkey you need going this one incredibly discipline they already have controlled the bomb as well so they don't have to be cautious about proportions of the map that they're unaware of where he could be and Johnny Boyd not with really much to.

Save here I mean a minute he walks on out which has with the game read he gets it and that's gonna be another one here for jerky yes Oh we'll see the full save come out from the argentinian side here up for their terrorist side half and it should be turkey picking up the three rounds to start this one off after they split pistols an 11-0 scoreline of turkey.

Comes back from this one it is going to be a tremendous comeback and that could be detrimental to Argentina's morale going forward but this sprayed out from San Terrace what a beautiful piece of marksmanship for him and you know we hype him up almost every single time but rightfully so he's an absolute animal when he's on the rifles even when he's got a native awp we saw it on overpass.

Earlier today he's an absolute monster with that close quarters for major with that mag-7 still from the last round didn't upgrade anything he's singing with this ring for the UMP gonna tag-team deste finds one and two and again Turkey starting off strong into the round an Argentine playing with the vanilla by they have absolutely nothing to work with not even a single clock.

Trying to try to take the initiative so they just spread themselves thinly to see whether turkey throw their way and of course it is aggression as can be added on the collection still yesterday with another it's just one man left standing at the bottom of the ladder yeah trying to get back up through the ladder I'm gonna get denied major gonna make that $800 off of that shotgun gonna.

Take down treatment and a strong round from Turkey they get a lot of players alive they farm a lot of cash money out of that decimate with three SMG kills so moving forward into our first full gun round potentially the op on both sides of the equation for both teams Johnny should be able to pick that up as well as decimate if they so desire we'll see what kind of buy they have.

Before here actually it's not gonna be an off Johnny boy he is gonna stick to the ak-47 for the sake of some utility and des pay will be on the off so look for him to be the game changer for the Turkish side we saw the early victory for early victory for Argentina the beginning of a half and come out from that five rifle purchase right so.

There's nothing to say it won't happen here on the T side as well and with the utility they can set not only potentially one volley of nades in the sight but the fake as well so Destiny's gonna have that often currently he is standing over here towards the top of the trains using the verticality of this position to find that angled downwards Argentina just again spread thin holding.

Weighting much like they did in the previous round but this time they've got things to work with des pay though knocks down one that's Johnny boy out of the picture yeah big frag there for the Turkish side but NBL in the meantime is able to get out to Olaf so he's gonna be looking for a little bit of a revenge frag moving forward but Straka slow peek he gets his legs spotted there's another.

Frag dust bad told you the game changer with that AWP on the CT side Turkey definitely happy to have him in BL out in front again still occurred Olaf not pushing any just biding his time waiting for his teammates to get into a better position the bomb is on his bomb is actually over in the Box hauls and upper we're gonna be looking to maybe push that around and try to infiltrate a.

Little bomb sites but now NBL shows his hand maybe try to provoke a rotate you can see it actually works one throughs dead hallway just going to be santaros making his way around the pass drops him that's the bomb down this was gonna be a but spot these peat feet as well but NBL actually grabs one fraggin to ten chimes in with a second so we are back into the two versus three here there's 25 seconds.

Left on the clock the bomb is down this round should be unlikely for Argentina but anything certainly possible calyx gonna be peeking wide as well he's pausing the yelling averages decimate clears the frags and tears - simultaneously take the second so turkey have managed to find them their way back to the eleven eight yeah three run difference right now on the.

The difference makers for the Turkish side it's obviously des paid with the AWP but has up there with 17 kills as well santaros lagging behind a little bit here but it's not that big of a deal as they are starting to string some rounds together three rounds being the difference right now at 11 losses eight score line and we'll have to see if Turkey can continue on they're gonna get.

A pretty much easy buy around here it's gonna be just some upgraded pistols they've you put armor on Tommy some ability with that tech 9 as well and see if they can do any damage that looks like they might just aggressed words inside that mage didn't come out around the corner there's a little bit of damage on a tooten in not really allowed to speak up in that pop clashes on point.

He's gonna drop out the Molotov they could push behind that pager is gonna be able to throw slumps and terrace with the double spray down and this round is basically done so got these double deeds are just perfect but you're absolutely right especially now if the bomb goes down NBL is gonna be pinned here as well as they do have a site towards the ramp des pay from the back line with the AWP.

It's Turkey that within two things are starting to get a little bit scary here for Argentina yes this is a nine straight round run from Turkey remember they won four in the last bit of that first half and the funny thing is is it was actually when Johnny picked up the off on the CT side that we started to see Turkey pick up rounds but now we're gonna see the big investment from Johnny.

Boy he's gonna have the OP so we're gonna have that off on off battle right now between des pay and Johnny boy who is gonna come out on top you can see obviously the hype is starting to build up between these two teams is this match gets closer and closer to a tie ballgame it's exactly right we saw Argentina feed off of that energy when the games got.

Closed so now as we reached that situation they need to just stay calm pose major though so why he's gonna be denied Tommy able to grab the second dragon now Zen Terrace is gonna be rotating in but because this is so quick there's no player actually on the site john-boy's gonna open it up that's a second frag now the bombs gonna be planted so Turkey they're rotating in.

Three players still standing Argentina in an excellent after plant situation Straka still has this Molotov as well so of course we can use that infamous Molly down to deny any sort of a diffuse and Turkey as well also have utility but no smoke in this case a flash planes playing right on the other side of the Smokies Tooting in they're gonna start to push on up the Molotov.

Scum out Tom he's gonna be able point right he's looking for a second not able to find it but his position in computing in this is the clutch play there's one not able to get the second one but flank is gonna be coming around though actually they're both in the inside box has a nice shot from Johnny boy knocks them down the OP makes the difference an Argentine are going to.

Find themselves on a 12th round extending their lead back up by one more but because some of those rounds for Turkey were so clean the investment should come back out and it will the shop was exactly just on the jumping ploy right through the edge of the wall there gets the read he expects the push and again they had that Molotov as well so they really didn't have to take an.

Initiative even if it did try to top anything so again Argentina they find themselves around three point lead here's Johnny's attempting to pick into the a slight night shot that's the openings and Tara is already out of the equation five versus four for Argentina adding forward Turkey is going to be looking for some sort of a response here they need to equalize it now before.

Argentina can use this man advantage to properly execute into a site and really use it to their strengths but des pace still inside of the a site he's got this AWP if he finds one shot here it's gonna be equalized back to the four versus four patience on the argentinian side though they didn't get overzealous behind that pick they didn't want to get too much away too early on to be able to.

Keep that man advantage or at least trade positively going forward because they are starting to build up money they did get that money bonus so a loss here would be a hard reset for him especially since they lost three players in the last round so they need to keep that economic edge over Turkey and another round win here for them could net Turkey onto a save roun the smokes are executed.

For the outside train yard they throw them all out but look at this creep coming on IV three players over in this area they're an Obama smoked down towards the bottom side Molotov to follow and they're gonna set this push behind it Mali is gonna maybe cover them so that they can get into the smoke and get into the back lines a bolt-on train but in the meantime Tommy coming out.

Through the t-con and they've also pushed out from pop fog and Straka is gonna find calyx that's a great opening pick but on high all what a ripper from MBL takes down paths finally desperate the AWP eight pounces but it's still a two man and man and the palm is going to get planted so now it's decision time turkey do you go for this or do you save for the next.

Round that's a huge question but the time being they're just gonna hold angles and NBL despite being seen there by despot finds they kill through the edge of the wall once more major also known his position revealed so at this point Argentina can just fixate all of their attention to his last known position even if he rotates over here towards the B side he's just looking to.

Get away at this point the Argentine looking to take away his gun they've got of course NBL nearby and Zed but keep your eyes on the radar as two tons coming in from the upper hallways he's gonna have to hit a really long range shot but major just doing anything to survive here he should be able to get away from this situation I mean they are very close they're gonna hear that pop.

Flash come out as well so Tommy and Tooting him coming around from both sides they're gonna spotted out he's been tuck away in the corner and he that should go down and kill them and they do take the gun away so that is a small foot great victory for the argentinian side and this is great from NBL just barely spots the shoulder jumping up best they never had a chance in this.

Only 18 HP or 14 HP in that situation that is a crucial kill for him to get 13 to 9 now we're gonna see a forest fly out of the Turkish side but if they drop this round it's gonna net Argentina a 14th and they're gonna be on a save afterwards it's a double op set up for the first time and it's already working for them Tommy goes down fast aggression towards the outside Trainyard scrawny.

They're just brawling right now exactly a test they looking to read Pekinese an tears to add one more to 10 fighting response here so it is still the three versus four John running off of the back lines looking to apply some cover to his teammate with 210 with an and Johnny finds the frag but he does this 210 right so now it's a 2 versus 3 Straka also tagged in this game it has.

To be cautious he'll drop and the bomb as well hits the deck wanted at the top if he finds the off shot only two players left standing here who won on that ufv but this is the opportunity to bring it to the 1 vs. 1 that one's so incredibly close but a bit of a heartbreak yeah they gave them a chance into that one as well Turkey peeking one at a time there at the very into that.

Round it's definitely not the wisest decision when Johnny is on point annie has his favorite weapon to work with we take a look at Johnny boy himself just gonna basket it for the second man this is actually my first time in your first time casting in front of a major live audience in a stadium event like.

This so I am a very very ecstatic to be here and I know you are as well and this audience has been fantastic these past two days Serbia does not disappoint Argentina on these upgraded vistas forced Eagles tec-9s this is not where they want to find themselves because it gives Turkey a very realistic opportunity to find themselves back into this game of course looking to slowly.

But surely pouring it back three Browns make the difference at the time be able bombs slowly working its way up towards these ground halls Argentina again just playing the slowly nova terrace gonna be playing close on that lower ramp and that's inside with that nova if you can do anything with that one that's gonna be a cash farm form they know that they're gonna be on the safe run with.

His closest some of those previous rounds have been so Argentine a little bit on the back foot right now could close in within two rounds again on the Turkish side but remember Argentina was able to answer back with two rounds in a row all they need is three in Walled out a little bit was an Terrace but that's alright that's $1,600 and two shots not a big deal although.

Does manage to catch out Felix over by IV so they're gonna continue to push in if they can force this rotate well nevermind I'm just gonna say if they can force made to the rotate off of the site they can potentially get the plant which is the end goal their footpads cleaning up the two ivy players in Straka and BL and we are within two again scary that reset insider interesting definitely.

Hurts and they know it this is a big round right here absolutely this is a massive ground if you're ever going to cheer before now is the time to cheer for both of these teams this is one of the most crucial rounds this map as it is going to be Argentina on the big buy down as best that they can formulate and we'll see whether or.

Not they can come back and start winning some more rounds but Turkey they are doing a very solid job of closing the gap yep it's gonna be major now in that no but not San Tara's but already he is up in towards the brown halls with that smoke covering his presence at the time being it's an a stack of Turkey for players and flights rededicated actually to the site itself dist Alex trying to.

Keep winning that's quite a lot over here towards Idina the smoker nave is just gonna keep Argentina at bay they had two players over here initially so they fight for the map control and they're just gonna leave Shaka as an anchor as now NBL rotates back to help out the bomb carrier Rangers playing solo on the inside bomb site with a no vote right now so that's not exactly.

Optimal Zen Terrace is in the back lines now which rotated in towards the set although he's gonna go back towards outside pop shot rattles off best day not gonna be able to connect in with him start seeing them push and collapse towards this outside train yard they've got two players down in top dog two players coming out from cheek on and they are gonna have to land some shots.

Now now is where the pressure is on now is where they need to step up in the sand Terrace finds one anybody else gonna be able to trade backflips and tears with the second kay looks fine Shaka and destiny in the outside yard manages one more it's just Johnny boy with a tec-9 he is gonna be able to get a party gets on a desk Bay but they will take him down Turkey pull within one.

When it's a scary situation where it seems as though Turkey is just finding themselves round after round just gobbling them up one after another and now eventually they'll take the lead supposedly if they want to get themselves into victory however we have to remember Argentina have been in this situation so many times like it is literally almost every match throughout.

Of course their group stage 1614 1613 s there it's just been incredible so never count quarterfinals two different overtime maps going into this final they had a 1614 victory I mean it's just back and forth back and forth throughout they've come to brawl and they've come they have done that in spades cookies and terrorists pass and dust bait is shut down the outside push once again.

And we will see a pause from the Argentinean side they want to talk things over and rightfully so now that the turkey is in place but they would be pulling even with them 13 all 26 rounds now behind us every time it seems that we cast an Argentinian match it just goes the distance I mean all their games do so it's it's ridiculous of course this pause I mean.

What what is it exactly that they can be thinking about I mean Turkey's thrown the double lob set up at them they've definitely been finding success shutting them down on his a blazing unfortunately for Argentina there's actually been very few rounds where they find themselves in either a bomb clan situation or an advantageous position really Turkey's just been kind of swarming them and one.

Of the big things that I've actually noticed out of this is a couple of rounds that they got was actually one round towards that inside train yard they were able to get that opening pick they were able to swarm on that train yard and they were able to get in there that's one of the biggest things for me is they've got it realize that one of the players almost every single time is.

Just spotting towards that in her lower ramp so a smoke onto the sidewalk a pop flash out not necessarily even sending somebody through inter upper to try and disrupt the players coming around from the Zed hallway if you've got to set smokes trad or something like that to smoke the back train lanes on inside you should be able to cordon off the area and at least get in get a bomb plant and.

Try to push forward into that train yard to try and stop the rotation from coming back around and that was something that Argentina did very very well that one round that they were able to get into that inside train yard so I would like to see them stay mobile I would like to see them get into that inside yard and make it happen but right now I mean Turkey they're showing that they might.

Have been down but they are certainly not out after an 11 o start for Argentina we are here 27th round is upon us 13 - 13 score line Johnny boy with an op deste with an op and a full rifle by to support see they've got two players pushed up towards Ivy for Argentina two players just clearing out the brown looking for.

Annamund s pay finding an off angle from the top of the plant training that's not only Argentina a disadvantage but it's Johnny boy out of the equation here so NBL also tagged at 30 points of health he too damaged so far these engagements there's a minute and 20 still to play with here so Argentina can take their time they can look to reengage from a different direction as the bomb is still.

Down towards T spawn they're eventually gonna have to move anyways alright two players down to an IV nice shot from striker though he takes the off out of the equation and SP has been wreaking havoc on them in that outside train yard with him being able to take him down that's gonna equalize things on to a four versus 430 HP for mvl 41 HP for calyx everybody else very very healthy.

Into this round so we will see once the execute starts to come out they're starting to creep back to pick up that bomb where are they gonna hit if you're Argentina I feel like inside might be the right call in the situation because they're gonna have to go with a heavy play towards outside and with them starting I mean you can start to see them creep.

Yeah start to see them both and and San Terrace is kind of second-guessing right now you can see him strafing back and forth from his that hallway he doesn't wanna give anything up and that's the smoke I was telling you about that's a deep smoke into the train yard that's gonna cordon off a large portion of that that they're gonna be able to push behind but they also need that Sidewalk.

Smoke right there exactly now we went the problem with the situation that Argentina that you use that utility in it because kind of elicit this rotation from Xanterra is you would mention how he was debating as to whether or not he wanted to switch to the B site he does to choose to commit but this could very well pan out as it pulls a player away from tan now pastel everything else come.

On I'm gonna be the bomb down Straka dropping frags it's just no control here for Argentina still alive Straka dying in the engagements it's just a 1 b 3 and again as we had mentioned time being the factor turkey takes the lead yeah they waited so long on that execution that once they went for it all they needed was the frag on the bomb.

Carrier and this was unrecoverable from that point out so a little sloppy from argentina trying to get into that outside train yard after getting the initial pick and a big pick at that taking down Vespa who is the top frankerz anteras right behind him out 23 impassive 23 so we talked about who's gonna step up santaros and des pay where the analysts choice major was the one.

That they were talking about the most as he is the in-game leader for him but right now it's passed that's kind of joined the mix who's calyx earlier in the week but it's gonna be passed this time around and doing a sensational job at that is Turkey come up and find themselves on 14 rounds in Argentina with a lackluster Teesside thus far I mean that's been a story quite commonly.

Throughout the weekend right they we do find success always on their CT sides or at least for the majority of those games but again so it makes sense here there is very little utility for them to execute it they've got that double flashbang in a smoker nade to boot but turkey with the positioning and certainly the advantage test bait with that off is so damn deadly but major is.

Gonna be now looking to reel back just ever so slightly the flash bank does keep Argentina back so that's a great usage of utility johnny-boy second now they're gonna be able to push the bomb they get it the device activated SP missing a shot as well so it's a 5 vs. 3 here john-boy's still not able to acquire himself a primary in pass now taking down a frag so one of.

The players out for Argentina and another drops to the floor as pass finds a 2 K in the round now 210 still plank towards the bottom of the ramp the other two players up within the back of the brown hauls for the smoker Nate blooming onto the bomb does mean of course that suspect he use is a threat to tab going wide though he finds one he challenged the.

Turning it out the death bait rocks to Tommy Last Man Standing was calyx but Tommy with a double its another round for Argentina and they too are looking competitive nowhere are they out of this game they've looked competitive the entire time it's just that they've had a little bit of a slow start to their Teesside but have really nice around there and like I said the fast strategy.

Getting those opening picks being able to find that really really nice job from them and they're gonna be able to solidify their 14th round we are now looking at muscles that meathead down there Harold Harold the meathead gotta love it the 14 all is the score line double up set up comes out once again for Turkey the nice shot from San Terrace he finds himself down in the pop.

Dog and that is going to take down Johnny boy so a good start to the round for Turkey as they look to push up on 15 rounds but Strock is actually gonna pick up the often we've seen him hit some shots in the past just looking for it looking for it it's so close such an incredibly tight angle but I mean Turkey does have this double off set up last time they had this they found a success.

And I mean finding that five versus four is a great opening but des pay missing the shot does just give a small little window of opportunity to Argentina's and Tara's however chiming in with a kill of his own Bob that scope weapon does just leave three Argentinians left standing and I mean they're sent reeling backwards as they've lost control in all different sorts of directions turkey.

Very much prepared to take a 15th round they can just keep their players committed all around the site their defense really has no weakness because they have two players in the advantage worst part about this situation too is that if Argentina drops this round those spots the toe knows that there's a player around there dust bay using the scope to his advantage.

And there you go takes down another one passes well chimes in there keeping five players alive no Reba's yet for the Turkish side and like I said this is worst-case scenario for Argentina because with them losing that round they have hardly any money to invest into the 30th round but again another map that goes the distance overall that Argentina is playing in in Turkey I mean they had.

Two back-to-back 1614 that they played earlier so they're no strangers to the grueling battle the brawl that's going back and forth and remember Argentina and the quarterfinals play to overtime maps I mean these very rapid V takes have actually been pending out for Argentina so yeah they've got a bike here that actually could favour this sort of a play with the armor the tec-9s.

And the utility they can put into the back lanes and it's gonna be interesting to see what they do but instead they just try to push the envelope straight out onto the a site des pay with a boost over here towards Ivy he's got it I am vision down the lane hoods and terraces hope it's only so limited of reasons that Terrace which is the secondary driving it with another santaros finds.

One and it looks like turkey take the round a 16 14 again he added to the record for Argentina so so close and yet they tumbled but we have to remember of course that our analyst said on the desk and I would agree with them that obviously train of all these maps should not have been left in the pool they argued even that this was the biggest mistake Argentina could have made and.

Yet still they bring it to such an incredibly competitive scoreline overpass and cobblestone our two maps that Argentina have historically played throughout this weekend incredibly well given the map history that we've seen from Argentina especially in the last series that they played I mean they've struggled on this map they absolutely happen they brought the noise on the CT.

Side and next we're gonna be going onto overpass which is a map that we know both of these teams like to play exactly they both like to play so it's actually interesting I mean I love seeing the fire I love seeing them come and bring the noise on train unfortunately Turkey is gonna be able to take that I say unfortunately it's for Argentina unfortunately but fortunately for Turkey.

They are gonna be able to pick up their own map and they're gonna be able to push this series one step further and if they can actually make this one happen it could I mean turkey like overpass this could be a tulo situation it could very well be but we're just gonna have to wait and see because we will take a break before we come back with the action ladies and gentleman.

Don't go too far it's been one hell of a day and of course it action will continue


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