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Human Fall Flat Funny Moments - Finding Frankenstein's Monster!

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Hello oh damn he shit his pants again look who's last fooled I didn't say it I didn't say it I'm saying he said it what when in doubt fish out the who's lette joke did you work on your character all week no I don't remember that I was always the Omega that is like a weekend project that went on like a whole summer is like that that took some work I spent the whole summer working on this.

Beautiful outfit the whole summer or weekend project fucking weekend okay happy Christmas everybody happy holidays as you can see it's it's very festive yeah it's snowing right now on the screen if you could afford an editor that could do that and yeah this is totally not a scary map that we're playing late this is scary what are you what are you guys doing I'm drunk fuck.

Is that fuck are you oh hey that's oh that's oh that's the real ohm let's trap him in the fireplace burn him kill him yeah get the box let's trap them in what the fuck what see what he's tight yes name yeah yes no no no no hey there's only room for one chair Isaac you're a bitch dammit alright alright we killed the witch everything's fine now and we can.

Continue on with our day after Anthony stops humping the fucking wall there is no stop how do we get out of here I'm guessing maybe up here oh shit get up off the ground Amanda you went all the way up there yeah I'm gonna chop this fucking door down oh shit how do you put your hands up got it just raise them think I should raise them in.

Here like that open that door oh we did it hey Tom - fuckin here's Johnny it haven't sat in a while Oh chop down the tree okay is it down oh shit Oh him damn yeah yeah it's gonna work it's gonna work this is just like minecraft happen let's how you doing I don't know I'm holding your leg but gives you nice leverage Chuck it's.

Technique is incredible here let's go right here you grab my legs lumberjack safety 101 you have to hold some of the lake this is how you do it boys right here Oh all right now oh good job guys good job good job that's good oh hey that there's a fresh room don't worry oh we saved it okay I'm gonna do it I'm.

Gonna do it the cool way he's just gonna die check this out you ready for this Evan Oh hold on hold on I'm asleep are you doing whoa let me try that Anthony you know doesn't it look like the way I walk looks like I have diarrhea in my pants .

Cheddar Jamaican oh let me get the Chairman a very sensitive situation yeah add you made it like a panda he's just fooling around oh nice Brian you got it yeah this is like extreme stripping oh my god you Miley Cyrus alright bye Brock just release yourself just let go just believe trust fall trust fall.

Are you talking me out textbook UFC move he just did on me holy shit that it's fucking teamwork right there that Brock struggle never just moves on guys I'm gonna go up these stairs tell you what I find yeah tell me if you find content no problem I will like how we're just following him yeah I don't trust him he's gonna keep all the content look at that a see peak sponsorship hello blue.

Apron look look guys I'm the star I'm the star of the tree he was wearing a hit like a HTC vive headset I know this game as we are are you ready yeah catch you three two one yeah yes yes okay we're good now what now what do we do you think we're supposed to go there yeah I'm supposed to swing off of that does it stop I mean go across cuz if you jump down we just go down go out.

That window move yeah we came from that side not that high up though I can't oh you're right I think there are some ledges to the left of that we are ascending gentlemen pull me pull my head oh my hand on my hair a little bit pull me off pull me up pull me Jesus I need your help I don't need your help E oh yeah I'm not gonna last because I'm just.

Gonna fail Oh oh-ha yeah you got it and sit here and wait no it's not come on alright boys 9 o'clock I'm running late for my dentist's appointment so we gotta go my dentist appointment that's at 10:00 p.m. at night like any distant dentist appointment yes oh oh thank you back up there we got to turn both sides at the same time I think move what does this do it must open something oh fuck.

Oh yeah you guys are turning the clock towards midnight get it towards midnight he gone in my line oh I think it's gonna line up at midnight it is gonna line up Oh come on this is such a pain in the ass yeah what happened that's not midnight guys but I heard a click I heard it click oh really keep keep going keep going um it's not.

Letting me oh oh keep going keep keep her go on get it to midnight this is it put your back into it here we go we're supposed to go down or no yeah what are you doing did anyone grab the gold oh no are we missing the bell yeah it was the key or something to the gate I don't see no oh.

You're up they're still up there I don't see oh did a fall on the ledge over here here let me look yeah I can see it I got it are you sure you got it and you don't got it no this is it this is the thing this is what we're supposed to do we're supposed to put the giant lollipop into the fire oh wait what the fuck is this guys the keyhole look at that okay I totally talked about this earlier good.

Find Evan thanks man yeah eh eh eh yeah yeah trust me trust me trust me trust me trust me I used our not just before those how they work just put it in that's it Brock come on you should be good at this just like having sex you take it you put it in and then you're finished and then you apologize and you cry yourself to sleep and guys you want to put it in this thing think.

Of popping each other yeah let's try this the fuck out of the way oh you all right you're so smart on YouTube holy where'd it go hot enough you're hot enough why don't you jump in there I watched Lord of the Rings I watched The Hobbit we need more power we need more hang to me you're hot enough no no I'm not you're hard enough just get in there and help the fire.

Hippies burn very well Oh burn fire as in hacking she's gonna happen dj khaled do the honors sir nice it wasn't quite straight yes yeah yeah yeah that's him I just fist it just fist it now just fist it I'm actually stuck as I'm actually stuck this is where my journey ends listen listen you're gonna have to cut off my arms and legs and you're gonna you're gonna leave me and take my arms.

And legs and donate that is a $20 PayPal rescue feat how it works in America huh huh huh Oh oh my god wait wait wait guys hold the phone wait for me rock-paper-scissors we vote for people we're all gonna jump at the same time we're all gonna jump at the same time all right oh yeah we can hang on the sides of it.

Too ready yeah arms in the air like you just don't care on go all right yep three two one go that's us the whole time swing off that kinda get his nipples erect before you yes it launched and Kapoor yeah fuck that fuck you it's not powered yet though yeah yeah we need to plug things into it I think you've got to plug it in Oh charge it up charge there we go there we.

Go there we go oh yes yes keep going what does it do Hollen where does this lead to you're from the future you should notice I don't know I pulled it out when it's fully charged there's there's a spot there's a spot at the elevator oh we got the battery got the battery charge is like Terminator 3 when you pulled that.

Battery out of his stomach you know John lays behind that fucking door so I found it nice no you gotta do you gotta grab somebody like this it's gonna be like gotta get out of here come on we got to get out of here come on Chargers this way come on remember me was that guy Frank me we're cranking I need we need two people on it oh I got.

This I know how to use keep working is it working goal come on pull it out pull out fuck hello Plan B Plan B one of those soccer fans all right we got it you do that you're so strong so fast who do you work out oh you know we don't after we could push it from inside I've always been good at pushing buttons from the inside I like to ding your bottom Anthony oh we.

Did it yeah yeah we're good no this is like the opposite of the Terminator where's the button push it up Horsham down little shit you think it's funny huh you think it's funny now get on get on get on massage all right he's good yeah you like your view and it's quite adventurous damn made it okay now follow follow me get up these stairs creepy guy doing follow me follow me.

Everyone get our beers shit so we need to charge something okay we're all ready wait wait what aren't you a German doctor let's you know all this stuff want me to do it is it the German voice or something that's right man calm down here look at my latest invention look ho here's perfect it's no glove now we need to bring no glitter we need to put odds the electricity to.

Power all four brain cells in this man Frankenstein it's actually Frankenstein's monster wait what's the monster called three times monster Wow what a lame we need to we need to lift this lets over it oh there was an elevator if we go back here actually go back to the door there's an elevator oh and there goes home okay enjoy your video own take.

Care hello I'm pushing it yeah go down you guys ever jump in the elevator wait why are we going up oh Jesus Christ come on you guys roll troll keep them away it's okay we're just going we're just filming a YouTube video we put you in the video we're just filming a prank just for YouTube video it's just you guys want music you sign my waiver can.

You somehow waiver so we put you know bring in the bank now y'all are you getting in it I see I see it I see it it's dim it's down there yeah yeah yeah how do you get here I found it it's right there there you go yes pick it up there you go good job walk it over here my assistant has it I'm gonna bring this light I feel you see I need a cigarette pushing the buddy limp off there we go.

Pushing the button no no she button do you know what he's like elf remember when elf he's going up the elevator and you just like hits all the buttons he's like oh thank you tree except there's one button it's a circle here we go more to big yeah yeah let's do it as a team there we go there we go all right there you go Thank You assistant ladies please there.

You go my assistant is aiming my wee-wee into the hole hey let me do it let me do it Ryan I'm just saying you're my assistant doing it I think it's easier oh great job okay how about we do it together I'll get you can put it back it's not a big deal was the wrong hole fool wrong hole Oh just did the equivalent of electricity Anil that was the point now we gotta plug these things.

In all right guys you want to come up here for this monster monster why why did that happen just like the movies always gets turned into a cannon away from me away from me we did it boys all right everyone stayed till the end so you can see the bonus clip for the next movie this game legit took this.

Many people to make somewhere yeah I joined you guys what up oh look over the F you're slowing us down yeah get the F out no thank you we gotta collect taking you take the U so we go yeah now we have s so yes you can suck me so get to get a-movin a seat oh wow this game legit took this many people tonight see that everybody listening Brian doesn't appreciate the.

Work that these guys yeah he doesn't appreciate developers you fuckers love throw me right here I would love it if I go to a gaming convention and the developers of this game for me go there's Gary we're now going into the credits for a pub gee CEO we're at the CEO Robocop curve digital but there's more senior production news there comes.

A tall finger producer comes after the CEO office George W Bush Donald J Trump studio assistant Chuck Norris oh my god this is longer than Pokemon credits come on is this a loop graduating class of my high school wait we're getting to the little yes whoa see I see the end yeah okay time to commit hell yeah yeah high five high five high five high five I'm gonna go.

Bowling now yes oh yes so I will come down it's down to me


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