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Ex-Couple Plays Awkward SPIN THE WHEEL GAME!!

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So this happened..
Today I decided to invite my friend over, and I can't believe it led up to kissing her!
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If you read this far down the description I love you


Yo what is up guys how's everybody doing today welcome back to a brand new video I hope you're all having a fantastic day as always and if you are new here make sure you hit that subscribe button become a rugrat today because the Rugrats are one of the most lit fan bases on YouTube and I was actually thinking about something the other day I was thinking how I've been doing YouTube.

For about 5 or 6 wait it's been six years in July it has been six years since I started YouTube and I meet fans a lot when I go out in public and a lot of them tell me hey rug I've been watching you since a hundred thousand subs I've been watching you since a million and honestly like it hit me so hard I'm like I can't believe some people actually watched me from years.

Ago and still watch me to this day like you guys watched me grow up we actually grew up together so I seriously do appreciate that like honestly if I don't say it a lot if I don't say it enough I seriously appreciate all the support because when you think about that it's kind of crazy to see how much we both grown and anytime I'm talking to the camera I feel as if I'm talking to like.

A friend or family member because you know the Rugrats are my family and I love you guys and we are getting closer and closer to 10 million so I appreciate the support guys I hope you're having a fantastic day as always I'm in the kitchen with Mama rug in the building and I watch your videos do I get a cookie please every day yeah actually I just I just got some cookies yesterday.

You want no honestly I'm actually mad at myself because oh stop stop okay so I went to the grocery store yesterday you know I told myself I'm gonna go in grab some healthy snacks and do some healthy grocery shopping right guys I walked out first off I spent $200 and I walk out with the most junk food I have ever gotten and I'm not inspiring you guys to go do that because what I did was wrong.

But I got so much freakin junk food I got some healthy stuff I got like some apples some watermelon but a majority of my cart was all junk food and it's bad like I could show you some of the snacks real quick I mean it's not that bad guys like it's not terrible but I did want to say that this cereal used to be my favorite cereal growing up okay wait Trail Mix is okay alright Trail Mix is.

Fine but yeah maybe the brownie like crew by-the-book not it'll leave them in there but guys this serial growing up was my favorite if you never had this like go find it at your local grocery store and try it and you'll thank me later and then we got this little man just doing what he loves to do most and that is eat and then after this he's gonna sleep and then after.

That he's gonna wake up and eat and then after that he's gonna go sleep right Bosley you missed the Rugrats okay sorry do you guys know I have a Lambo right like I don't really drive it which I don't know why but I got this rap about a year ago it's like a satin silver chrome wrap and it is beautiful and I had Gucci all on the side skirts and some red accents all around well I was.

Gonna keep this a surprise but you know you guys are the Rugrats you guys are my family like I have to let you guys know what I'm doing so I'm actually gonna be taking that little bad boy in and getting it wrapped again but this time no teasers I'm not even gonna let you guys know like any hints or anything you guys could guess what you think I'm gonna wrap it in next but me and the.

Boys that SD rap have been planning something and I think this will definitely break the internet with one of the best Lamborghini raps in the world and speaking of Lamborghinis I don't know if you guys remember I actually purchased the brand new Lamborghini SUV the Lamborghini ortus yes the Auris I think I'm saying it right I used to say.

You're it and then I went to the dealership and they corrected me that actually comes in very very soon I can't believe it cuz I put the down payment I believe in February so it's been six months yes it's been six months since I put the down payment I actually forgot that I got it can you believe that I forgot that I purchased a brand new Lamborghini but hey it comes in soon a.

Lot of people have been asking me about it and I'm super stoked I can't wait to show you guys what I got and real quick I just want to let you guys know that you guys killed it with the merge sales like literally I'm sold out with like half of the items in the store and I'm working on restocking them as soon as possible but I did not expect you guys to go that hard on this drop of my new.

Rug merch at rug we're calm but be on the lookout because we are restocking this week and I'm super hyped and I just can't believe how much support you guys have been showing me seriously that's all like I really do appreciate it so a lot of people have told me in the past couple of months that they miss my old vlogging style and for those newcomers to my channel my old vlogging.

Style used to be me like in my house and kind of like walking around giving you guys updates on my life you know vlogging random stuff vlogging the little things even if I went to go get food like I would go vlog that and then come back vlog the food you know like do all that stuff so I want to ask you guys do you miss the old vlogging style like when I.

Started the video like that was kind of like my old vlogging style you know but I do want to let you guys know that I am doing something big this week and I kind of want to hype it up so this used to be my brother's old room where he edited his video cebra wadis and we got his walls painted for him we turned it into a nice little Phoenix son's room because I don't think I could tell but he's a.

Huge Phoenix Suns fan but I just want to let you guys know that I am turning this room into something and I'm not gonna say what it is only I know and the person helping me with the room so this week go alright guys so if there's one thing I know about you guys is that I know you love seeing me in awkward positions based off of my previous videos I've made a lot of awkward videos.

Whether it's with my ex girlfriend just any awkward situation you guys love seeing me in it for some reason so today I decided to hit up my friend Kailen in which we used to date about two years ago you know on and off and to be completely honest with you guys we are still good friends like we still see each other she's friends with my family like she's just like really close with.

Everybody so we still see each other we still talk and we did date in fact like here's a picture of us I actually invited her over as you can see by the title on thumbnail this is going to be one of those awkward videos because I know you guys love them and I know I want to give you guys what you want and you see me in awkward positions like makes you happy for some reason but.

Honestly like I'm pretty excited to do this a little bit nervous but I invited Kaelyn over and I asked her if she's of course down to do this video because if she's not then I'm not gonna do it of course I don't want to force her do do something that she doesn't want but basically behind me here we have a spin the wheel game and and it's a pretty awkward spin the wheel game so as you.

Can see here all the slots are filled up we got yoga position we got go on a date we got call each other babe for the rest of the video we got tell mom we're back together we got some past we got another yoga position I like kind of wrote two of the same ones to fill up the slots we got a Riesman and this is the one that I'm like I'm hoping it doesn't land on kind of I don't know.

Like it's it's I have mixed feelings about that one but I put two Reese pins in between that and another pass and going on a date so we have all those options on that spin the wheel and when Kailyn gets here we're going to play and how we're gonna do it is I think we're each gonna spin the wheel three times and if it lands on past that counts as a turn cuz like you know we're not trying.

To do all the things on the board we're trying to avoid the most awkward ones but I mean guys I want you all to please just smash that like button right now before Kailyn gets here and I honestly have nothing else to say right now but we're gonna wait for her to get here and he'll pick up the vlog all right guys Kailyn just called me and told me that she was outside let's do it hey how are.

You nice to see you too come on in you remember Bosley okay so I appreciate you like agreeing to do this video it's not that awkward but if you want to look at like to spin the wheel like no no it's not that bad it's just like a couple like you know that's like a date of your choice like see we're trying to make it awkward so don't don't get mad you know there's one okay so like this.

One right here like the kissing so that I put two reasons next to it cuz it's like a major one you know cuz like a couple is like kissing it's okay don't worry about it like maybe we might not get it I don't either I don't know we're gonna find one just stop stop okay and then like call each other babe for the rest of the video and yeah and then there's like a couple passes and Rhys.

Pins and we're each going to spin three times so if it lands on passed that counts as a turn we're trying to get the least amount of awkward things right so are you ready as ready as I'm gonna be let's do it this is your game go me go first we're just gonna get right into Italy we explained everything we're just gonna do it recents for me presents for you.

Just hope for the best ready wait this is nerve-racking no I think I know it's hot now okay here we go first bin I'm not gonna look you just tell me there's no weights gonna lay my own kiss look Racing go on the date you're lying like it's getting late today like I know I'm just gonna use it anywhere you want no choice I can't believe it landed on go on a date the.

First one by me and hey it's the game alright let's go on this awesome amazing date hold on hold on hold on let me get the door for you we're going on a date right there we go hold on hold on you're good such a gentleman man alright are you ready for this awesome date I'm ready guys I'll pick up the vlog at Starbucks okay guys so we just pulled up the Starbucks.

And I wonder what the Starbucks workers think in their head because I've come to this Starbucks a bunch of times with Molly other girls you know you I don't know like I wonder like if the workers think I'm like some sort of player or what but it's not like that it's most of the time like we're doing it cuz like it's for a video but yeah yeah sounds about right this Starbucks I.

Considered a date riot like it's like if I won't take a girl on a date like a Starbucks considered one I mean like I know like Cheesecake Factory would have been nice you know like something like that but like an early in the day hey she chose it she chose that I swear are you having fun on this date yeah me too shocked I turned the camera off the guy was like hey we're you know one that.

Ordered a hundred Starbucks drinks like around Christmastime I'm like yeah he's like oh was it was she the girl with you I was like no she wasn't but like you can see why people gets confused right I don't know enjoying your drink they're awesome all right we're back we're back us fun we're back and we're better that's.

Pretty cool yeah great it rate the date I'll say like a seminar there's been better than the past though right yeah oh just just go ahead and spin the wheel okay guys just so we don't get go on a date again because we already did that I'm gonna just like cross them out on the board you thought we get it we good yeah just spin again all right all right.

Go for it and don't look okay ready oh I let it all on a date so I know look pass Wow okay so that counts up to the turn so I have two more spins you have two more spins okay here we go I won't look okay wait did I actually no way Wow two passes in a row hey it's the board it's not me I guess the board doesn't like us doing stuff we both have sores know we both.

Have dude okay guys so I guess you have to call each other bake for the rest of the video remember we used to call each other that when we dated yeah all right thanks your turn come on all right all right is my face red or am i no okay hello let me cross it out so babe I'm this oh wait that was so natural like I was.

Not expecting that oh here we go I'm done with this game okay here we go this is gonna be tough low-key give us some time are you serious okay guys we're gonna we're just gonna keep spitting until like we good okay oh my god oh my god reitman okay we've been doing this for the past ten minutes it keeps.

Landing on the same stuff come on come on babe you gotta tell your mom stop it landed on that uh-huh guys if you don't know I love Brian's mom she's the greatest person in the world so so what do you think her reaction is gonna be I'm hoping like should be happy you know cuz I love her hopefully like the feeling is mutual okay guys I guess I have to call my mom.

And tell her that babe and I Kailyn hi mom hey nothing I just wanted to let you know that Kailyn and I are back together yeah yeah yes are you happy yeah so I'm excited to see you again soon they've stopped here baby you're lying you're lying you're lying you're lying two options yoga position and kiss and it has to be kids.

Or all the possible before the passes yeah really cuz I got Rhys pin whoa I'm really fun that's limit it's for the video it's in the game you agreed to it I didn't know what Kyle what are you doing okay um guys I hope you did enjoy this video okay guys well I hope you all did enjoy the sure to drop a like thank you guys so much for watching and returning Frank of Kendall and thank you.

So much babe it's not the end of the video yeah like almost in the video so babe thank you so much for agreeing to do this with me if you guys felt the awkward tension like between us it wasn't make sure you hit that subscribe button because we are almost at 10 million subscribers thank you all again for coming my channel other than that it's been rug.

Keeneland and we're out peace you


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