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Mark Darby Yoga: Purvattanasana

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Ashtanga Yoga with Mark Darby: Purvattanasana, front stretching pose


Hello my name is Mark Bobby from the setting of the show in Montreal and today I want to talk about purvottanasana so the posture is considered to be a slight back bend and what we're trying to lift is we're trying to lift the sternum and create a length in the spine and it's almost like doing upward facing dog upside down in fact instead of the.

Arms being here the arms are going to be at the back and we're trying to lift for chest so it's very very similar so first thing when you do is create a foundation which is the feet the feet active heels pressing down legs active connecting to the lower abdomen which is the bundles of the body and bring my hands back and I like to bring my hands back so my little finger touches the edge of a mat.

And this gives a very good position where we can rotate in the shoulder girdle and we shoulder joint at this position here if we live for shoulders up too much then we get jammed in the neck or if we have them too low the same things will happen we want to get this perfect position of a shoulder in the shoulder joint to allow this rotation then I bring my hands back one of the.

First things I'll do is to create the initial movement get the initial movement of the chest lifting and then I want to create a position where I can place my tailbone between the cinammon so actually become almost like a couch potato just for a moment I just sink down sinking in and this allows for back to round but it also brings the tail bones or tucks August where this.

Positioning of the tailbone tucking under and going between those sitting bones so we won't jam it when we lift again I activate the feet pressing down lowering or lifting the chest then lowering down and then the action min is to push their hands and basically engage the triceps so that action lift the sternum allows stand up so the action of lifting is bending the arms allowing the.

Back to round pressing engaging the triceps and then creating the lift so the stone lives and in their head you use the eye to reach the eyes back and your eyes like sweet raise a lift in the chest so the movement of the eyes going back will allow the lifting of a chest what we want to avoid is this we don't have be in position other hand hanging down.

It means that all what's happened is that the head is attached to the body but it's not connected when we keep this connection of the head locked in to the spine a very little actually move the chest so we have this movement of the head going-back facilitating the movement of the chest whereas we just let the head drop we've lost the connection attachment is there.

No connection as well so we can move to one more time coming in activating the feet bringing my hands back just lifting the chest slightly and then descending and then pressing and taking the tailbone towards the heels as I press on the head lifting up and then with the head extending the head back and you see that motion has a lifting the chest crane ball lift good sweet so this.

Purvottanasana over some useful hints thank you very much this was Darby from a set for yoga Sharla in module sweet


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